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期中检测▕ 人教版2020初中八年级(下册)-期中测评(unit 1-5),不要错过!附谜底_leyu乐鱼体育平台在线登



《学英语报》,以报养研,科研助教,心系教育,奉献社会!提供海量英语试题、英语听力、英语学案、英语教案、英语课件下载。拉到文末“相识更多”下载打印版文件参考谜底 1–5 BACAA 6–10 CBCAC 11–15 BC16. six 17. Dancing 18. sick19. neighborhood 20. Once21–25 ACDBD 26–30 CA 31–35 ABCBD36–40 BCACD 41–45 BABDC 46–50 ACCBB51–55 ADBAB56. He decided to walk home alone from a training center,57. (A) After (B) Since / Because58. 她不停地和小男孩谈天,努力让他兴奋起来。



59. near 60. careful 61. usual62. decision(s) 63. offered 64. completely65. pressure / stress 66. heavily 67. explaining68. death 69. broken 70. rubbish71. used to 72. getting off 73. take care of74. took down 75. fixing up 76. driving77. windy 78. to stop 79. nervous / scared80. to 81. if 82. surprised83. first 84. got 85. realized One possible version:How to relax after the mid-term exam. It is necessary for us to relax after the mid-term exam. There are all kinds of activities we can do. We can go camping or go mountain climbing with our classmates. Getting back to nature can help us relax. We can also take part in sports activities. For example, it’s a relaxing way to play basketball or soccer with our friends. Listening to music or going to the movies can make us relaxed as well. I hope all of us will have a wonderful time after the mid-term exam. 内容精选自《学英语》报,严禁抄袭!整理|荀小倩点击左下方【相识更多】,获取下载地址!。



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